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Poker Beginners Mistakes

The greatest part of improving one's skills and becoming better is learning from past mistakes. Easy to say, but when it comes to actually learning and to assimilate this simple concept many people find it very hard, and when it comes to poker – it's ever harder.

Learning from past mistakes is crucial in poker, who of us never sat at the table and felt bad for one or two bad decisions we've made? The important thing is to memorize our mistakes so we can move forward and to succeed in the future where we've once failed ourselves.

But not always do one needs to make mistake on his own in order to learn – he/she can also learn from others mistakes, from common mistakes – from poker beginners mistakes – a list of mistakes that novice players and even experienced players tend to make time after time.

The Common Poker Mistakes

Here are a list of common mistakes made by novice poker players, learn it and try to avoid it when you manage:

  • Tilting - Many players can't manage their temper the moment they start losing too much, which do happens when playing poker, this is called "tilt" – when a player start to make bad decisions only because he's mad or pissed at the cards he plays time after time.
  • Alcohol - Poker and alcohol simply do not mix well together, that is if you want to earn money. When playing poker with friends and family there's nothing wrong with it, but when you're playing to win – leave the beer and other beverages to other occasions.
  • Copying Moves - Many poker players copy other players' moves at the table without the simplest idea why their opponent's are making these moves, but that doesn't hold them from making the same moves in other games, which ends in tears. If you don't know why your opponent is doing something you better not copy his moves less you ask him for an explanation after the game.

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