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Freeroll poker tournaments

If tournaments are the most popular of online poker today then freeroll tournaments are definitely the most popular form of poker tournaments out there. Freeroll tournaments are essentially just like any other tournament with one big difference – you do not have to pay any admission fees or buy-in to play. To be more specific freeroll tournaments are very much alike play-money tournaments that have real money prizes at the end. Freerolls are mostly created by online poker rooms to attract new players and to keep the existing players happy. Of course, in most freerolls the prize money is quite small. In any case you can not lose any money, the worst thing you can lose is time.

Freeroll tournaments require some strategic adjustments for poker players as they attract large of amount of players that will play very, very loosely. A solid freeroll strategy should be quite tight at the beginning, playing only the stronger hands while waiting for the extremely loose players to bust out and relatively aggressive from the middle and onwards. Of course there are some players that would argue that you should play quite loose and aggressive right of the start to make as much more chips as possible – this way you either become a strong competitor or you bust out early and save a lot of time.

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