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Poker Money Management Explained

A key skill that any poker player need to have is what looks to many as the most tedious one – money management. Many players keep losing money without even realizing what they are doing wrong and it is not always because of their inferior poker skills. Money management is a vital part of any player's poker arsenal because it can often save you from getting into a game you can not possibly win. In this article we will review the most important parts of a good money management system any online poker can utilize.

First of all the most important thing you need to do is to determine your bankroll. The first thing about determining a good poker bankroll is to decide which limits you are going to play. As a beginning poker player you are mostly going to play the lower limits. In order to survive in the lower limits you should have a bankroll that is at least 200 hundred times the high stake at the table. Meaning that if you are going to play at the $1-2 tables your poker bankroll should be at least $400. Such a bankroll will help you prevent of losing your entire online poker budget on a one streak of bad luck. This bankroll will help you stay in the game even after losing quite a lot of money.

Any good poker player should always keep track of his bets and win/lose statistics. Doing this will help you keep track of the poker games you are best at and the times and limits you feel most comfortable to play. Of course that if you are playing just for fun you can invest any amount of money you will be at ease with losing. You can put 200 dollars and just see how it will turn out.

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