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Introduction to Poker Tournaments

Thanks to enormous media exposure poker tournaments are definitely the biggest fashion in the world of gambling. Even though poker is more then a century old, poker tournaments a relatively new hype. When the legendary World Series of Poker tournament kicked off the main jackpot only consisted of a lousy 80 thousands. Also, that first historical tournament had only 8 competitors which paid the buy-in fees of 10 thousand dollars. In the 2003 on the other hand, the first prize was about 2.5 million dollars. Of course, that tournament had more than 800 entrants, each contributing 10,000 dollars to the prize pool.

Poker tournament lovers argue that tourney's are far more thrilling than the ordinary racked tables for more than on reason. A poker tournament is a do-or-die situation, you either win it all, or you go home. Poker chips in tournaments represent much more than their money worth. Think about it – the amount of chips you can afford to risk at start is much smaller, that is if you want to survive till the later stages. The late stages on the other hand are a whole different story, as the blinds eat away your stack you must bet to survive. Good poker players should have great poker skills as well as out of the ordinary fortitude. A good tournament player can Play poker tournaments and loose ten of them in a row while playing each of them correctly.

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