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Rakeback – Questions and Answers

What is rake?
Rake is the money taken out of the pots by the poker rooms. The rake depends on what limit you play, but it usually ranges from $0.05 - $3.00.

What is rakeback?
Rakeback is money that players get paid back for playing at a poker site. It is a percentage of the rake, and is usually somewhere between 20% and 50%. It is not unusual that a player pays $1000 in rake every month, and with a 30% rakeback deal, he would therefore get $300 back. Sometimes rake back is offered by the poker room but most of the times players have to sign up through an affiliate.

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who helps to promote poker rooms. The affiliate refers players and then earns a couple of percent of the referral’s rake.

How do I get rakeback?
You are usually not allowed to have an account at the poker room where you want to play with rakeback. Go to RakeBrain’s homepage and compare the different offers. Find a deal that suits you, sing up by following the instructions on the site, and you will be playing with poker rakeback in no time.

Why should I play with rakeback?
If you play with rakeback you get extra money every month. If you already play poker, nothing changes. You can still get bonuses and still earn money from the game, but on top of that you will get the rakeback money. Rakeback has no disadvantages. Players can only profit from a good rakeback deal.