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Poker Basic - Starting Hands

The most basic part of playing poker is to know with what to enter the pot. Most of the time novice players would enter any game with absurd hands when if fact they should have folded the moment they got their cards. Knowing with what cards to enter a hand is not simple and it takes a lot of years to master this skill, but the basic poker still manage to tell which hands have better expectations.

Look at the following starting hands of Texas Hold'em poker and try to think if they are good starting hands (each pair is consisted of two cards that differ in suit):

  • KJ
  • Q10
  • A10
  • JQ

A professional poker player would never enter a game with these cards, it's just too risky and the expectations of them aren't high at all. But beginner players see the high value of the cards and they immediately decide to enter the game, eve if they see action coming from their opponents – a terrible mistake that only novice poker player make.

Each poker game has its own good starting hands as a good hand of Five Stud Card aren't the same for a Texas Hold'em game – so take your time and learn the appropriate starting hands of the game you are about to play.

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