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World Series of Poker


The World Series of Poker is a tournament that started in the 70's and grew over the years to be the most honorable poker tournament, a brand of poker, and today million of poker fans watch the broadcasting of the tournament and the satellite tournaments on TV.

Today there are online poker sites and online casinos that are devoted to cover the World Series of Poker and isn't any different. The World Series of Poker, just like any other poker tournaments began small – with only few players competing for the title, but as the years went by more and more people were interested in poker games and as a result they were also interested in the World Series of Poker.

And so, many books were written on the WSOP and on other poker tournaments and even about tournaments' structure such as freeroll tournaments and about the required money management needed for anyone who wishes to win the World Series of Poker. For more information please go back to 5 Star Poker.

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